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Shake Roof

A traditional cedar shake roof uses wooden shakes made from split logs. The wood chosen for wood shake roofs is usually cedarwood or California redwood, both beautiful and durable wood options. Cedar shake roofing is an excellent option for all types of homes and can provide a unique look due to each shingle's varying thickness and length. It is an especially great option for historic homes or homes seeking a traditional look, as cedar shake roofs have existed in North America since colonial times. There is no denying the beauty of a cedar shake roof. While synthetic shake roofing options help eliminate the life expectancy concerns of shake roofing, they also take away the most iconic feature of shake roofs: the wood look brought on by the shingles. However, there is a new type of synthetic cedar shake roofing available on the market. Synthetic shakes are a lightweight, polyurethane material that has the appearance of traditional wood shakes. At Less-CoRoofing, we offer gorgeous shake roofing. We'll send out our roofers to perform roof inspections to evaluate your existing roof and help you make the right choice in material and style. For shake roofs from a reliable roofing company in the Sacramento, CA area, call (916) 485-9859.