Roofers at Work

Roof Replacement

Less-CoRoofing specializes in roof replacement and installation. If you know what to expect with your new roof installation, you can better understand what the process is. Before we start the work, our roofers perform a roofing inspection and discuss the best options for replacing your roof. Once you select the roof material and sign the contract, we’ll get started on the installation. In most cases, we’ll begin by removing your old roofing, and then our crew will evaluate the sheathing underneath and look for any moist areas and areas of dry rot that need replacement. Then, we’ll install underlayment between the sheathing and the roofing, which will provide a secondary layer of protection from the elements, including rain, snow, and wind. Next, we will perform your roofing installation, the details of which will depend on the type of roofing you choose. Finally, after installing the roofing, we’ll install flashing, which we use to direct water away from critical areas of the roof, such as vents, chimneys, and skylights. The whole process of removing an old roof and installing a new one generally takes about one to three days, depending on how complex the job is. So, when you need re-roofing services for your home in the Sacramento, CA area, call (916) 485-9859 today.